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Brendan Badger Nursery Wall Stickers

The ultimate addition to a woodland themed nursery for newborn baby girl or boy. This sticker set features our adorable story book character Brendan Badger flying his kite with butterflies and bumble bees.


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❤  You will love this because

  • Our repositionable fabric wall stickers are super easy to apply and remove, simply peel and stick.
  • Our wall stickers are not just for walls they can be applied to any smooth, non porous surface.

More info

Made from PVC woven fabric vinyl.

Size: Badger – 45cm – string 45cm /Tail ribbon – 45 cm / Kite 35cm / Bumble bee x 2 / 1 x cloud 30cm

Application Instructions

Quick Vinyl Application Tips….

Before application clean the area where you will be placing your sticker ensuring the area is free from dirt and grease.
Do not touch the adhesive backing, oils from your skin may prevent sticking.
The adhesive is sticky so be careful when removing the backing paper as it can easily stick to itself.
Make sure freshly painted walls are completely dry before applying your wall sticker.

1. Clean surface from any dirt or grease.
2. Mark where you would like your decorative sticker as a guide when placing sticker onto your surface.
3. Lay your decorative sticker face down and carefully remove the backing paper. Be careful that sticker
doesn’t stick to itself at this stage.
6. Apply your decorative sticker to your surface, smoothing bubbles out from the centre outwards.
7. Use a squeegee with a soft cloth over to prevent damage to printed design, technique is very important here!
Hold the squeegee at a 45 degree angle and with overlapping firm strokes, begin squeegeeing the graphic from
the middle to the edge. Firm pressure. It’s rare you’ll use too much pressure, but very common to not use
enough pressure. This will get rid of most air bubbles and adhere the graphic properly.

Stand back and admire your work!