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Meet the characters

Sherb is an inventor. He loves books and listening to music.  Sherb lives in the rafters of Not Before Tea.

Pip is the smallest animal at Not Before Tea. His favourite colour is green and he loves adventures. He is very helpful and lives in a matchbox under the counter at the shop.

Mr Fox is smartly dressed and very polite. He is a tailor who lives above his workshop in the woods.

Vera is a chatterbox. She adores dancing, twirling in pretty dresses and singing. Vera loves anything pink.

Martha the Mole is a gardener. Her favourite colour is lilac and she loves discovering new things.  She hates getting dirty, which is hard to avoid when you’re a mole.

Bubbles likes to perform magic tricks. He is funny but quite forgetful and sometimes jumps out of his bowl. He is very brave and always wants to go on adventures.

Brendan is very friendly. He makes lemonade and likes to play the guitar. Brendan loves to mend things and is good at DIY.

Billy the Cat is very grumpy. He doesn’t like birthdays and parties or having fun. In the daytime he sleeps on Mrs Pinny’s armchair, but at night he goes on secret missions, which he says are very dangerous.